The Hispanic Menace: The Trojan Burritos
/ La amenaza hispana: Los burritos de Troya

Recently, the Department of Hispanic Studies at Rice University organized a symposium called Mexico and the United States: New Positions and Counter Positions under the direction of Dr. Maarten van Delden. Several aspects of the relationship between these two countries were explored, from migration to the deaths in Juárez. Due to the interesting nature of these topics, we’ve included two essays by José Antonio Aguilar Rivera and Mauricio Tenorio Trillo in which they analyze the similarities and differences of the multicultural debate on both sides of the border and, similarly, how the image of Mexico is marketed abroad, partly through the support of Mexico’s intellectual elite.

Complementing our issue are a sample of Joseph Havel’s work, recently exhibited in the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston; images by photographer Graciela Iturbide, courtesy of the Galería López Quiroga and the Swiss American Byron Brauchli; and graphic art by Perla Krauze. The literature section presents works by José Luis Rivas, Rodolfo Mata, Rolando Hinojosa, H.G. Carrillo, Tanya Huntington, Pablo Boullosa, Ana María Shua and Óscar de Pablo.