To Vacate One’s Own Skin

To Vacate One’s Own Skin

Deshabitar la propia piel

Sandra Lorenzano

English translation by Tanya Huntington

To vacate one’s own skin,

to abandon it, thoughtlessly forgotten as it were,

draped on the back of any given chair,

            perhaps over there, across from the square

            where children play all afternoon.

To vacate one’s own skin

and leave it beggared of itself, as it were,

but with no moaning or over-mourning.

For another will find it who knows how to use it

how to shake it full of desire

how to make it wave gently in the breeze

like an ancient sign of welcome.

Or how to give it a proper burial, at least,

arms crossed, head aimed to the east

until dust turns to dust.

So be it.

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