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Chamber Canon by Tununa Mercado

Chamber Canon by Tununa Mercado


Translated to English by Rhonda Dahl Buchanan

” Tununa´s works are a paradigm for rediscovering the feminine from new angles, valued from a unique point of view: that of a sex, which until that moment had only struggled for equality, and only around the 1970s began to allow the acknowledgement of difference. Spurning all classifications, Tununa Mercado delights in merging and confounding genres. Novel, short story, essay? What does it matter if it’s great literature? What does it matter when it comes to profound texts nely spun from a masterful pen? “/ Ana María Shua

“Argentina has produced yet another great writer. In this intriguing “bedroom canon” deftly translated by Rhonda Dahl Buchanan, the unique Tununa Mercado once again inscribes the feminine with perspectives that defy genre just as her language marks the subversive differences of gender.” / Suzanne Jill Levine

“Tununa Mercado reminds us in Chamber Canon of the unexpected pleasures of the creative process and its end product, the written text, suggesting that desire lies at the reader’s fingertips, just beneath the skin and between the lines of the text.” / Rhonda Dahl Buchanan



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Tununa Mercado  is an Argentine writer.  She retained her childhood nickname “Tununa” as her literary nom de plume. She has written novels, short stories and essays. She has won several of the most important literary prizes in Latin America.

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