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The social network. Digital utopia
/ Las redes sociales. Utopía digital

The social network phenomenon has blossomed impressively in the last few years. Man, as a social being, has proven his relevance in cyber-technic space. The contemporary tendency to be in constant communication is now served by spheres previously unheard of: Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging. If, as Sven Birkerts notes—in his essay published in this issue—these media “have put an end to the tyranny of time and place, we now fl oat in interminable amniotic information-space,” the question, not radical in and of itself, then is: are these channels sufficient for communication, is the technology of social networks capable of overcoming the oft cited solitude of man? To answer this question, we present in the current issue the reflections of Julian Baggini, C.M. Mayo, Jesús Silva Herzog Márquez, and Sven Birkerts, himself. Additionally, in the section on art, we offer the work of Minerva Cuevas, Rosana Ricalde, and the photography of Valentina Siniego.