Ode On One Orbit Of O

Ode On One Orbit Of O

Fernando Castro R.

Open our oasis only once,

our own orchard of oblivion,

organize objects of obsession

onto observable orifices,

obey obdurate ordinances,

obtain occasional offers

of oddly onerous ordeals,

or often obscure oxygen,

omit obsequious obituaries,

owe others obsolete oaths,

object occult ownerships,

obviously obscene obscurities,

order ominous oracles,

overthrow omnipotent oppressors,

oppugn otherworldly optimists,

overdo oneiric orgasms,

ordain orphan onanists,

overrun opulent opponents,

ostracize overrated oeuvres,

oust off-off-Oddway oafs,

originate opposite outlooks,

open old oiled ovens,

overdose on opium,

occupy obstinate oceans,

obstruct odious ochlocrats,

occlude obtuse obstacles,

often observed occurrences,

obliterate one’s own odysseys,

otherwise oenophiles overpay ogres,

oniomania offers opportunities

of omissible operational organs,

oneiromancy orchestrates omens

of osmic oompahing,

oomph, ogle others, ourselves,

or only open Orpheus’s odeum,

overplay Ovid’s omphaloi,

own Othello’s overreaction,

overpower Olaf’s osprey,

outwit Ossip’s oracy,

outgrow Ogden’s oaks,

oversee Orlando’s offing,

outmatch Orions’s ordure,

outlaw Orestes’s onus,

or overstate Occam’s oliguria.

© Fernando Castro R.


From Stock Photos: (Foto de La Huacachina, Peru)


Posted: October 30, 2014 at 5:48 pm

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