The Rain

The Rain

La lluvia

Alicia García Bergua

For Vicente Rojo

Translated by Tanya Huntington


Before it has even started,

the rain sings.

An overture of streamers,

humid in the wind,

announces a nubile dawn

of circumflexed lenses

dissolving our view

through the window pane,

transforming it into vessels

of stormy play

as the lasting forms

of tree

brick wall


wash away its memory.


Indeed, smiling they emerge

tousled with raindrops

revealing the wet dreams

conceived of in their guise,

an outline always faithful

to a mind that evokes


symptomatic of the time

that is endured by the hand

upon feeling this evocation,

assuming the edges

of another vision to be true.


Suspended in the rain,

touch surrenders

to the fidelity of the gaze

steamed, not soaked

in such a subtle ambush

of our discernment of shapes.

There is no right side up or down

in what it touches,

a weak transparency

revolves in every drop.

An urn of glass

turned mystery

the monolithic sharpness of touch

makes use of darkness as its remedy

in a boast that is physical,

yet on the threshold

that illuminates the body

its endeavor becomes metaphysical.


The rain turns phosphorescent,

a multifaceted blinking

spreads across the window pane

a festival of glass that lacks silhouettes,

bathing in liquid light

the mind and its static vapor.

A strange baptism,

one that cleanses the knocker without forcing the door,

one that casts shadows, diminishing

the luminosity of all that grows:

sheltering in solitude

what lies within.



Alicia García Bergua (Mexico City,1954) is a poet and essayist. She is the author of the books of poetry Fatigarse entre fantasmas (Ediciones Toledo, 1991), La anchura de la calle (Conaculta, col. Práctica Mortal, 1996), Una naranja en medio de la tarde (Libros del Umbral/ Pablo Boullosa, 2005), Tramas (Cálamos-INBA-Conaculta, 2007), El libro de Carlos (Juan Malasuerte, 2007), Ser y seguir siendo (Textofilia 2013), Salto y sueño (unpublished), and the book of essays Inmersiones (Dirección General de Publicaciones, UNAM, 2009). She has been a member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de México on several occasions. She also worked as an editor and writer of scientific outreach texts for the magazine ¿Cómo ves? and is one of the coordinators of the Cienciorama portal-creative writing workshop for scientific outreach at the General Division for Scientific Outreach of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, www.cienciorama.unam.mx.


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