Vices and addictions
/ Vicios y adicciones

In the previous issue we took on the myths resembling the vast constructions of the spirit that are the foundation of culture. In the present volume, dedicated to addictions, we approach a problem somewhat related to this subject. Indeed, before the question, “What does the soul want?” James Hillman responds, “Fictions that cure.” Evidently, such response escapes the medical environment it would seem to belong to—necessarily introducing the ample terrain of the criticism of knowledge. Conscious of the polemic character of this affirmation, we have published an interview in which Hillman (one of the most outstanding exponents in contemporary psychology) thrives over the relationships between imagination and culture. We also offer a set of texts that, from poetic, fictitious or essay-like perspectives, explore the spectrum of the dialogue between addiction and creation; pathology and imagination.

This issue is headed by José Blanco’s article appropriate to the imminent election that will take place in the United States. In this context the next president will have to answer the inevitable questions presented by the crisis that ails society.