Revolutions in Arabic
/ Revoluciones en árabe

The tremendous commotion in the Middle East has given rise to what some specialists call “post-Islamism”. They say it is a period in the history of the Northern African states that will affect the rest of the Islamic world as well as the global system in which we live. One of the deciding factors of this “revolution” is the new social media which suddenly made real the unknown demands for liberty in that region of the world. Literal: Latin American Voices offers three new approaches to this new reality from the perspectives of Muhsin al-Musawi, Ahdaf Soueif and Rogelio García-Contreras. These three experts are accompanied by an eminence in the world of international politics: Joseph Nye Jr.

This issue also presents a modest tribute to Gonzalo Rojas, an essential figure in the Hispanic-American literature who passed away in April. We offer an unpublished poem by the Chilean poet as well as an evocation by our friend Adolfo Castañón.