Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite

Alfonso D´Aquino

The contact
between the feeble cobalt-colored
of my fingerprints
and the intense
orange radiation
of this opaque piece
of green fluorite
I hold between fingers
gives rise
–at the simplest level
of the radiant glow
of these distant and
splendid bodies–
to the imminent encounter
of my skin and the crystal
and the deepest rapprochement
between inner planes
that fuse
–vibrations of light
converted to music–
between the mineral heat that transports me
and the crystalline images
locking into place
behind my eyes

for a quivering moment
in which the interior of the cubic crystal
and my squarish head
seem to accommodate–
in the fluid flow
of straight lines
and their misleading angles–
an identical translucent figure
that threads of light
take and bring
from the aqueous interior of the stone
and its convulsively vibrating net
to some spaceless
between my fingers
which instantly
clicks open

Seen again now
in the light of another day
in secret
with its hidden patterns
and in all the portentous marvel
of its dissonant
as though glimpsed through the eye
of a crystalline lock
that permits the eye
accustomed to the changing
of the faceless shadows
to determine
in the vacillation of opposing views
the infi nitesimal designation
of the last and most
enduring image

Posted: April 25, 2012 at 9:44 pm

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