Literal 34





Literal 34
/ Cómo cambiar el mundo

In late 2012, the Nexus Instituut organized a series of conferences under the title How To Change the World? Their call was answered by international speakers in a global context besieged by economic, social, humanitarian and ecological crises, that have compelled us to pose again an age-old dilemma: is a better world truly possible? Given the top-notch character of this symposium, we offer in this issue a conversation with the president of the Nexus Instituut, Rob Riemen. Moreover, said institution has authorized Literal: Latin American Voices to reproduce a series of brief interviews carried out by Fiona Houten and Eveline van der Ham with a few of the participants.

To counterbalance this forward-looking series of opinions, we decided to take a nostalgic look back at the automobile and the role it has played in our lives with memoirs penned by a variety of authors, plus some visual mechanics, courtesy of Rubén Ortiz and Óscar Padilla.

Another fundamental part of this edition is Adolfo Castañón’s text paying tribute to Colombian poet and narrator Álvaro Mutis, who died recently in Mexico City. Finally, we have adorned our pages with two excerpts from books by Luis Paniagua and Jazmina Barrera González, winners of Literal Magazine’s I Literary Contest in the categories of poetry and essay, respectively.