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Visions and Revelations
/ Visiones y revelaciones

The issue which we begin the year with is accompanied by the most recent award won by Literal. In the 2005 CELJ Award results given annually by the Council of Editors of Learned Journal, Literal, Latin American Voices, achieved the runner-up position in the “Best New Literary Journal 2006” category. Such recognition (shared with publications in other categories such as Hispanic Review and American Quarterly) comes at a time when Literal increases its periodicity: from now on the magazine will be published quarterly instead of biannually.

Visions and Revelations is the title of the exhibition of the Argentinean Xul Solar’s work, which will soon be featured in an exposition at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts for the first time in the United States. In any case, its meaning is as cohesive (and even arbitrary) as the center of this issue; the recent announcement of Sergio Pitol’s winning the Cervantes Award, the aphorisms of Adolfo Castañón, the poetry of David Huerta or the visions of the Brazilian Regina Silveira and the Mexican Gustavo Pérez, among other presences. In their own way, all the visions and revelations of this and other worlds.