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Literal 32

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The Millennium Generation seem to have been called upon to act as spokespeople for new modes of social mobilization and change. However, we find it disconcerting to note that this resurgence of activism has proved particularly averse to formal politics and its institutions. Strange heirs of their grandparents (the rebellious youths of the sixties and seventies), today’s uprisings have fueled a radical transformation of consciousness: a cultural revolution instead of actions that would intervene in verifiable, quantifiable po- licies. Is this actually a “Smart and Funny” revolt, to quote the frank characterization of Nick Shore, Vice President of MTV? Perhaps. What’s certain is that the media potential of wit as one of the resources of the new activism is by no means lost on this senior exe- cutive. A sign of the times: in Mexico during the 1990s, Sub Commander Marcos made globophobic and high-profile humor fashionable; today, the viral mask of Anonymous is reproduced as an anti-system gag at all sit-ins, real or digital.

As we ponder whether change that marginalizes politics is possible, this issue of Literal offers a transcription of the celebrated Italian activist Franco Berardi Bifo. Mo- reover, we provide follow-up to the mobilizations that began in 2011: 15M in Spain, YouSoy132 in Mexico, and a brief analysis of the situation in Egypt, where the struggle in favor of democratic participation is still experiencing dramatic moments.