Unspoken Stories

Mexico is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous countries for journalists. Lise Olsen, Investigative Reporter at the Houston Chronicle, speaks to Literally Everything about the crimes against reporters in Mexico. She…

Two Poems by Nathalie Handal
Dos poemas de Nathalie Handal

Kilyoum* No hay lengua verdadera que tenga el centro intacto. César Vallejo I have a country it’s invisible it has no flag or moonlight no river or mountain no clouds…

Genocidio cultural

Reboot / Remake / Remodel… ¿Hasta cuándo? Desde que se inventó el cine, éste es –amén de tratarse de un arte– un negocio que se rige por dólares y centavos.…

The Truth About Lying

Have you lied to anyone lately? Before you rush to say no, think of the details from your day. Perhaps you texted someone saying you were on your way, when…

The Road to Cambridge
El camino de Cambridge

English translation by Tanya Huntington. After resigning as Ambassador to India in protest of the military repression of university students that took place on October 2, 1968 in Tlatelolco Square,…

Mad Men y el fino arte de dejar huella

Qué década ha sido ésta, en la vida de Don Draper y su círculo de allegados. Aunque Mad Men, la serie creada por Matthew Weiner, se estrenó en el canal…