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2012: The Conscious Emergence of the Collective Unconscious

2012: The Conscious Emergence of the Collective Unconscious

2012: La conciencia emergente del inconciente colectivo

Paula Reeves

 When it comes to the Sowing
And the Dawning
Grant it be a Green Road
A Growing Path.
Give us a Steady Light,
A Steady Place,
A Good Light, A Good Place,
A Good Beginning and Life…
Popol Vuh

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung often juxtaposed what he called the propensities (logic, rational, order, hierarchy, intellectual) of masculine psychic energies with those of the feminine (intuition, relational, diffuse, spiral, embodied). The first he assigned to consciousness, and the latter to unconsciousness. These psychic energies are not gender specific but are shared by male and female alike. To further clarify the differentiations, Jung described the masculine as primarily rational and the feminine as irrational. This was not to suggest that the feminine perspective is crazy or dysfunctional, but rather that while we value the masculine energies of logic and focus, the feminine balance lends the psyche ease with the imaginal and metaphoric.

“A good light, a green road, a growing path.” The Codex of the Mayan peoples, The Popol Vuh speaks with a gnostic authority about the Heart of Sky and the Heart of Earth–the Good Light and the Green Road.

Gnosticism–the embodied wisdom born of direct experience– resides in the realm of matter. Matter, Mater, Matrix, Mother–the origin of each beginning and the repository for each ending–the realm of the Feminine. From matter we emerge and to matter we return. Death and apocalyptic forecasts are the stuff from which the feminine psyche draws images, dreams, and intuitions. The roiling of the great depths of Nature which both gives and takes as it wishes.

While the masculine wakes us up, the feminine wakes us down. Down into a different consciousness whose roots extend backward in time and history. Down into the imaginal where all things are connected forming a matrix where all possibility resides awaiting a new consciousness to give it form. The collective conscious is poised today on the horns of the Mayan prophecy of 2012. The psyche wonders irrationally (since there are no guaranteed logical answers) will this be the harbinger of Apocalyptic transformation or Catastrophic destruction? Will this be the beginning or the end?

The human conscious is terrifi ed of the impersonal and inexplicable necessity for personal death. The human unconscious never questions this inevitability. The way of the feminine in the psyche is cyclical, not linear, and draws deeply upon its own codex for life and death called the Collective Unconscious. From this repository of the human experience, sourced from contributions of all existent and preexisting sentient life upon this planet, She offers humankind the Green Path where one is summoned to bow to Wisdom and Creator energy greater than the human ego. Today lost from the rituals, the naturecentered catechisms, the images that guide us into our planetary connectedness, it well may be that 2012 is the “hair of the dog”; the cure for what ails humankind. We may have become an unsustainable population. Dissociated from matter we have neglected to honor what Matters and now it is time to wake down to what the Popol Vuh has described as the halted beginning of human consciousness; an arresting and all too familiar description of modern humankind.

There was the peopling of the face of the earth: they came into being, they multiplied, they had daughters, they had sons, these manikins, woodcarvings. But there was nothing in their hearts and nothing on their minds, no memory of their mason and builder. They just went and walked wherever they wanted… they did not remember the Heart of Sky.

Forgetting the Heart is no longer an option for the intellect and certainly not for the consciously embodied psyche. The Feminine when ignored is “red of tooth and claw”. Collectively we can feel her dire warnings. Where do we go when we live in the cyber driven Tower of Babel? Where are the priests whose rituals used to sustain us? Virtual communities cannot remember the Heart of Sky, the Heart of Earth. The poverty that physically grips the so–called third world countries impoverishes equally the economically endowed who grow anorexic with a diet of mechanized depersonalization. The Feminine psyche waits hopefully for “2012” to strip our human folly to the bone and then…and then?

Psyche’s feminine energies always move toward synergy. While the masculine energies are forming categories of opposites, the feminine relies upon complementarities. As 2012 approaches, can it be that our collective imagination is alive with the unspoken possibility that the old psychic divisions must dissolve as a new more universal sense of humanity evolves? This planet has waited so long.

In the science of numerology, the number five (2+0+1+2=5) represents the appearance of the Universal human. Jung says that when both poles of what appears oppositional are held equally in consciousness, a transformation third–a complementarity emerges. Today, critical and even rigid thought is being challenged moment by moment. All around this globe our electronic resources offer multilingual and multicultural perspectives softening the hard edges of our ethnocentricies, our politics, and our prejudices. The swift voice of the Internet and the collective of the “Cloud” now supersede the Gods of old. 2012 may be a watershed–an event horizon where the collective feminine psyche begs for earthing, for a grounded sense of what will relationally sustain a global humanity and what will destroy. Could the call be less a threat and more a summons toward intentional compassion and connection and away from indifference and dissociation?

The earliest Mayan tradition imagined dieties and rituals of sacrifice that historically reenacted the cycles of relationship between heaven and earth–between the known and the unknown. These rituals of sacrifice and service encompassed the circumscribed world of the Mayan whose calendar now has this vastly larger planet’s imaginal attention. Ironically or is it synchronistically the modern quantum expansion of knowledge and communication and planetary interdependency has shrunk the vastness of this globe once more to the size of a village. Recognized or not, the gods may remain in our psyche to be sure; however in the human realm we can no longer ignore the divisiveness that alienates and relegates other humans as them not us. At least for one brief moment in time during December 2012 may we recognize a mutual psyche hunger for a clear path, a benevolent benediction: A moment to consciously love thy neighbor so thou might love thyself. Could this be a collective call: A time to imagine and embody a path of heart, a path that matters globally, environmentally, relationally.

Historically as a race, predecessors have birthed us, intellectually and spiritually. 2012 may usher in the age of the Virgin Birth when the human psyche relates to an as yet unplumbed depth of creativity and instinct by giving birth to itself. The Gods may be waiting for us to impregnate ourselves with our own godliness: to earth our soulful essence. The possibility, at least metaphorically, to release ourselves from the fatalistic and catastrophizing contemporary consciousness and move into a new era is very seductive. The romantic or even occult notion that this is preordained and thus out of our hands captures our collective imagination as a relief.

When the rational masculine has no solutions, the irrational feminine becomes acceptable–anxiety producing but acceptable. “You cannot travel on the path before / you have become the Path itself.” (Gautama Buddha)

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