Alicia Borinsky

Translated by Cola Frazen and Alicia Borinsky

my girlfriends have hidden for the last time
I sense their breathing behind the curtains
the mirror is still warm from their reflections

as usual I seek them
call out a name
say: it´s time to leave
it´s getting late

let´s go home




she wears whitewhite lingerie
practices the exact intonation
the moment of doubts
so he will help her

doctor doctor
let´s enjoy my symptoms

she entices him
let´s do this that and the other
before we die
above all the other

meanwhile her daughter waits
obedient serious
in a vestibule with magazines
and a lady with red lips


*These poems belong to Frivolous Women and Other Stories published by Swan Isle Press


Alicia Borinsky is a widely published fiction writer, poet and novelist who writes both in Spanish and English. Her most recent books are, Frivolous Women and Other Sinners  (Chicago: Swan Isle Press, 2011) , One Way Tickets: Writers and the Culture of Exile (San Antonio: Trinity University Press, 2012) and the bilingual poetry volume My Husband´s Women/La mujer de mi marido (Literal Publishing, 2016).

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