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Tolerance & Faith
/ Tolerancia y Fe

“There is no vocabulary to name a world without God” – says Salman Rushdie-, but in the present time the idea of God can be associated with dogmatism. This is how the contemporary world debates between intransigence and pluralism, and diverse religions give testimony to this difficult coexistence. For this issue Literal explores a bare minimum of the most expressive voice from a few religions, although we should add that they are very influential. In a conversation with Irshad Manji, the question of dogma versus faith is raised, a problem which is not exclusive to Islam. In the text of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, he declares the culminating aspects of plurality as the capacity of diverse cults for the creation of beings of good. And so, from the philosophical perspective of the mystical discourse (Edgar Morales) to the narrative expressions of the tensions produced by religion in the Middle East (Rose Mary Salum), Literal offers a variety of ideas as a minimal testimony of the contemporary global diversity.