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Storytelling With Intellectual Honesty
/ Narrativa con honestidad intelectual

This summer issue has been marked by two absences: Salvador Elizondo and Juan Soriano. Proust used to say that there are two kinds of deaths: the physical and the one that comes when we fail to remember. However, this issue is accompanied by two articles by the ones still around us and that are in search of other forms of presence. Therefore, we present an essay by Adolfo Castañón about “the method” of Elizondo and a letter of homage to Juan Soriano written by his partner Marek Keller.

Storytelling with Intellectual Honesty is the title of our interview with Graciela Limón, and that of this issue. “Honest” stories that find their way through the voice of Alberto Ruy Sánchez, the short story of Fabio Morábito, the poems by Miriam Moscona, Malva Flores, Gloria Posada and Jorge Brash or the young voices of Socorro Venegas and Toshiya Kamei. In the visual arts we present the Argentinean Liliana Porter, the Cuban María Martínez-Cañas and an exhibit of The Art of the War curated by Fernando Casas and Fernando Castro.