Eduardo Mitre

Translated by Gabriel Mitre

Growing up was watching it roll along
the earth, cement or lawn,
and running to meet it.

A constant object of desire,
like love and music
it ignited our bodies.

Nobody taught us as it did
the sharp correspondence
between space and time.

Still and calm at its core,
it waits to be touched
by the grace of movement.

Then, what waves it awakens
as it grazes past the crossbar
or bounces against the post!

Instantaneous as lightning,
or tracing an arc
it triumphantly enters the goal

splitting the tree of fervor
into branches that sprout with joy
and branches that fold in discouragement.

I leave this field of lines
and recall holding it to my chest
as I took to the pitch.


*Image by Stefano Corso


Eduardo Mitre (Oruro, Bolivia, 1943) is the author of MoradaMirabiliaDesde tu cuerpoRazón ardienteFerviente humoElegía a una muchacha and  Líneas de otoño.  

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©Literal Publishing

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