Malva Flores

Translated by Tanya Huntington

Bid farewell to her, to Alexandria who is departing
–Constantine Cavafy

It was better then:
The sun dissolving like a sore
At twelve noon
As I breakfasted a salami bagel

                             (capers and all).

We left Moheli’s, pulling the stroller
The whole sun ours, like before
When we both had to cover our eyes
From all that glare
Sitting on the bench outside the Central Library

As I was strolling among false oracles
Coyoacán expanded like a bubble

And I imagined what the islands of that remote
       Archipelago would be like:

Across the square blew the wind of stories
Announced by a tall, blond man
Who called the children mice.

“Tall taaales, chiiildren, tall taaales”
Shouted that colossal man and off we went
Leaving the bronze coyotes to the breeze
The water in the fountain

The sun
The sore.


©Literal Publishing

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