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Sophie La Belle

Sophie La Belle

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“Gisela Heffes is the heiress to the magical metafictions of Italo Calvino and the labyrinthine artistry of Jorge Luis Borges. In Sophie SophiePortadaCortaLa Belle and the Miniature Cities, Heffes has conjured a dazzling post-modern fairytale that delights and inspires as it slowly reveals its tender mysteries. A writer of enormous talent and grace, Gisela Heffes guides her reader on a harrowing journey through a series of extraordinary realms as she dares to question the nature of politics and civilization. With Sophie La Belle and the Miniature Cities, Gisela Heffes has distinguished herself as a storyteller, a philosopher and a sorceress. I suspect I shall be reading her stories for a lifetime.”

Amber Dermont, New York Times Bestselling
author of The Starboard Sea and Damage Control

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Gisela Heffes, originally from Argentina, is a writer and professor of Latin American literature at Rice University (Houston), where she also teaches creative writing in Spanish.  She has published the novels Ischia (2000), Praga (2001), Ischia, Praga & Bruselas (2005), the collection of short stories Glossa urbana (2012), and a collection of poetic chronicles, Aldea Lounge (2014). Sophie La Belle and the Miniature Cities is her first bilingual edition with images by the author. 

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