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The Fundamentals of Video Storytelling

The Fundamentals of Video Storytelling



Schedule: Wednesdays starting the 4th of September until the 9th October
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
5425 Renwick Dr.
            Houston, TX 77081

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Video storytelling is a quick paced skill based workshop that teaches hands on video production skills to produce high-quality professional videos.  Whether it is to tell a feature story, or sell a product, create your own you tube channel or produce an effective video for your own personal purpose, this is the course for you. The best videos will always be the ones that that grab your attention, make you think, make you laugh or cry, or elicit an emotion – and make you want to watch till the end. Join us to learn best-in-class techniques for producing engaging videos for your own purpose.

Patricia Gras is the recipient of over 170 journalism awards including 8 regional Emmy Awards, 20 nominations and 17 national Telly’s. She’s listed on “Who’s Who in the Media and the Oxford Interna tional Biography.” Houston Hispanic Media Professionals gave her a lifetime achievement award in 2013.  She owns a production company and also works as a bilingual interpreter and ESL teacher here and Europe. Contact her

Posted: July 10, 2019 at 2:05 pm

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  1. JD Houston at 12:43 am

    Hey Patti
    So eexcited and happy for you. Your new storytelling class sounds amazing!! Definitely gonna share it on my page for you.

    You are the best!!

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